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My favorite place on the net to buy stuff. And if you use the link above to get there and buy something, I get money. How can you go wrong?

My Movie Collection
All of my DVDs, with IMDB entries for the motion pictures. If you live near me, feel free to ask to borrow a few if you want...

My Logbook
This shows all the time I have in my flying logbook, for those who might be interested in such a thing...

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VNC Viewer
The viewer part of a cool program to share desktops... Placed here for my own convenience.

Wooden Concepts
A great place to buy wooden pens, pencils, letter openers, and even MINI Cooper shift knobs!

Josh's Logbook

Date: 2003/04/23From: SJTTo: SJT
Notes: Fundementals of Flight, Touch and go
Total Flight Time: 0.8Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/04/25From: SJTTo: SJT
Notes: Fund. of Flight reveiw, normal takeoff and landing
Total Flight Time: 0.9Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/04/28From: SJTTo: SJT
Notes: Flight by reference of instruments, power on/off stalls, normal t/o and landing
Total Flight Time: 1.0Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/05/05From: SJTTo: SJT
Notes: Steep turns, x-wind takeoff/landing, x-control stalls demo, emergencies
Total Flight Time: 1.2Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/05/07From: SJTTo: SJT
Notes: Ground reference maneuvers, instrument flight, normal t/o, landing
Total Flight Time: 1.0Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/05/24From: SJTTo: SJT
Notes: Stalls, practice emergencies, forward slips, go arounds and landings
Total Flight Time: 1.3Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/06/14From: SJTTo: SJT
Notes: Normal takeoff and landing... waste of a flight.
Total Flight Time: 0.8Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/08/29From: 4A7To: 2A0
Notes: To visit mountain Cabin
Total Flight Time: 1.0Full Log Entry

Date: 2003/09/01From: 2A0To: 4A7
Notes: Return from Cabin
Total Flight Time: 1.5Full Log Entry

Total Logged Time: 9.5


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